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  • The Free Association Narrative Interview Method

    The Free Association Narrative Interview Method

    “In approaching our defended subject, we were assisted by two concepts: gestalt and free association.”

  • Stories from Fieldwork

    "This paper provides narratives and commentary that provide a more complete picture of the practice of field research and the development of research design over the course of time and in diverse locations."

  • Time and Reflexivity

    "If we are aware of the partiality of our accounts, then we need to find out in what ways we are partial, how our accounts incorporate assumptions of which we are not ordinarily aware - we need, in other words, to reflect on our reflections; we need to be reflexive. Moreover, if it is accepted that the observer is not detached from the system observed, then the observer should indeed get as close to the system as possible, for, only in that way, will its internal life and development be properly understood."