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  • Special Issue: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Organizations

    Special Issue: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Organizations

    "For psychoanalysis to continue to contribute to organizational analysis it needs also to join with critical social theory, neuro-psychology, literature, environmental sciences and philosophy, amongst others, so as to engage with the analysis of the social, the environmental and the political. The contributions presented in this volume and the recent developments in organization studies suggest that we might be witnessing the early stages of such a momentous encounter."

  • Metaphorical Processes, Organizing, and Theorizing

    Metaphorical Processes, Organizing, and Theorizing

    "Within the movement from science as reflecting the world objectively to science as containing metaphor-based experiential categories, psychoanalysis could tum out to be the flagship by exploring metaphor in its alive, temporal dimension within individuals seeking to increase creativity."

  • Mixed Methods Research: Psychoanalytic Human Science

    "Geertz’s concept of “continuous dialectical tacking” provides the opportunity for a thick description of the subject and the object of study at the level of both local detail and global structure."

  • Empathy and Understanding

    Empathy and Understanding

    "...empathy provides access to emotional, unspoken dimensions of another’s experience, and that an empathic attitude is more than a stance but also conveys a disposition... [it] is a way of interacting."

  • Buddhism and Psychology of Self

    "In this paper, I will start by examining the concepts of self in psychoanalytic theory, arguing for a differentiation of these concepts on different levels of consciousness and abstraction. In the same section, I also discuss de nitions of narcissism, a concept closely connected to self. Then I will briefly describe the Buddhist theory of self in order to show how this can enrich psychoanalytic understanding of the experiential self, narcissism and therapeutic change."