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  • Unbounded Irrationality

    Unbounded Irrationality

    "The article thus argues that LTCM behaved irrationally and seeks an explanation for this by turning to the concept of narcissism, developed by psychoanalysis and its application to organizational dynamics."

  • What does psychoanalysis have to do with it?

    What does psychoanalysis have to do with it?

    "Why choose psychoanalysis when it resides under an ongoing cloud of controversy? (Gabriel & Carr, 2002)”

  • Heeding the Stains

    Heeding the Stains

    "This paper provides a unique engagement with Lacan’s work in the context of the study and practice of organizational change interventions. It presents an evaluation of well-known critiques and useful recommendations for theorists and practitioners considering a Lacanian approach to this area of management studies."

  • Struggling with Lack

    "The purpose of this paper is to contribute to research on organizational identity by developing a psychoanalytic perspective. In particular, the author draws on Lacanian theorizing to explore how organizational identity discourse is informed by imaginary constructions of subjectivity."

  • Psychoanalysis, Gender, and Culture

    Psychoanalysis, Gender, and Culture

    "Creating a dialogue between feminism, anthropology, and psychoanalysis, she holds that feminism, anthropology, and other cultural theories require that psychoanalysts take seriously how cultural meanings help to constitute psychic life."