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  • The Relational Tradition

    This essay describes "the history and evolution of this perspective, its theoretical underpinnings and ancestry, and its emergence as a powerful critique of, and alternative to, the more classical movements in psychoanalysis."

  • Creative Nonfiction Case Study

    "Creative nonfiction stories offer an interpretive qualitative research vehicle that can be useful in examining challenging phenomena in public organizations..."

  • Stories from Fieldwork

    "This paper provides narratives and commentary that provide a more complete picture of the practice of field research and the development of research design over the course of time and in diverse locations."

  • Special Issue: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Organizations

    Special Issue: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Organizations

    "For psychoanalysis to continue to contribute to organizational analysis it needs also to join with critical social theory, neuro-psychology, literature, environmental sciences and philosophy, amongst others, so as to engage with the analysis of the social, the environmental and the political. The contributions presented in this volume and the recent developments in organization studies suggest that we might be witnessing the early stages of such a momentous encounter."

  • Organizational Ethnography

    "For the longest time, I felt somehow de-legitimate as an ethnographer, seeing as how I lacked the formal education and degree(s) – the credentialing – that would make me a bona fide member of the tribe."