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  • Trauma and Organizations

    Trauma and Organizations

    "Trauma and Organizations is divided into two parts...structure and processes of organizations as systems...and...leaders and leadership, with respect to both the work groups and the basic assumptions groups..."

  • Repetition Compulsion

    "I link psychoanalytic theory with organization theory, learning and change, to address the question: How is the natural tendency for repetition, productive and unproductive, constructive and destructive, addressed in organizational change processes?"

  • Does your organization foster emotional health?

    "Menzies Lyth can be summed up as stating that a failure to provide for attachment needs leads to a failure to attain depressive-position functioning; a state of emotional deprivation goes hand in hand with an experience of meaninglessness..."

  • Organizational Blind Spots

    "In particular, the empirical findings illustrate how narratives construct a self-sustaining frame of reference, preventing the organization from questioning the principles underlying its past success."

  • Heeding the Stains

    Heeding the Stains

    "This paper provides a unique engagement with Lacan’s work in the context of the study and practice of organizational change interventions. It presents an evaluation of well-known critiques and useful recommendations for theorists and practitioners considering a Lacanian approach to this area of management studies."