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  • Travis Kalanick’s Fall from Grace

    Padilla et al. (2007) shed light on the factors that allow for organizational situations similar to what we’ve observed at Uber. In the case of Uber, a lack of reflective leadership, a workforce comprised of at-risk “gig” workers, and a lack of meaningful checks and balances certainly all contributed to its unhealthy culture.

  • Ideas are Born in Fields of Play

    "Drawing on our analysis and the extant creativity literature, we conceptualize play as the cradle of creativity in organizations. We suggest that by temporarily suspending ordinary conventions, structural obligations, and functional pressures, and by encouraging behaviors whose value may not be immediately evident, play stimulates, facilitates, and even rehearses creativity."

  • Supervision and Employee Creativity

    "In this research, we examine how followers' attributions of leader abusive supervision motives may moderate the trickle-down process of abusive supervision and the ultimate effect on employee creativity."

  • Love, Violence, and Erotic Domination

    Love, Violence, and Erotic Domination

    "Feminist writers have begun to examine the complicated process by which human beings are socialized in light of psychological theories of the self."

  • Sensemaking in Organizations

    Sensemaking in Organizations

    "Sensemaking is a process of explanation that incorporates seven attributes. All seven attributes are linked by various connections and when applied collectively, these attributes hold explanatory power over an organizational phenomenon."