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  • Leadership and Negative Capability

    "The development of negative capability is discussed but it is suggested that its status is problematic in the context of a societal and organizational culture dominated by control and performativity."

  • Something is Lost

    Something is Lost

    If one takes a critical stance towards employee engagement, it becomes more obvious that there is a lacuna in the notion that higher engagement is a win-win situation. - Contributed by Mark Stringer, Birkbeck, University of London

  • Unbounded Irrationality

    Unbounded Irrationality

    "The article thus argues that LTCM behaved irrationally and seeks an explanation for this by turning to the concept of narcissism, developed by psychoanalysis and its application to organizational dynamics."

  • Agency in Psychoanalytic Theory

    "I will distinguish three features here—reversibility, self-observation, and appropriateness—that count to say a person is able to direct himself—or not—in a context, or becomes more enabled after therapeutic intervention."