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  • Narcissism, Idealization, and Spiritual Abuse

    Narcissism, Idealization, and Spiritual Abuse

    "It is apparent from the respondent narratives that spiritual abuse is a phenomenon that contains a range of facets found in other forms of abuse where there are significant boundary violations – particularly the common experiences of domestic abuse and workplace bullying."

  • Re-investigating Leadership

    Re-investigating Leadership

    "...leadership per se could be said to have achieved an almost "bling-like" resonance within the business world. Indeed leaders tend to be presented – falsely – as the heroes and saviours..."

  • Anatomy of the Entrepreneur

    Anatomy of the Entrepreneur

    "Venture capitalists, investment bankers, people acquiring entrepreneurial businesses, or individuals who work for an entrepreneur-- anyone who deals with an entrepreneur-would do well to heed the complex drama playing in the inner world of these people..."

  • Unbounded Irrationality

    Unbounded Irrationality

    "The article thus argues that LTCM behaved irrationally and seeks an explanation for this by turning to the concept of narcissism, developed by psychoanalysis and its application to organizational dynamics."

  • Buddhism and Psychology of Self

    "In this paper, I will start by examining the concepts of self in psychoanalytic theory, arguing for a differentiation of these concepts on different levels of consciousness and abstraction. In the same section, I also discuss de nitions of narcissism, a concept closely connected to self. Then I will briefly describe the Buddhist theory of self in order to show how this can enrich psychoanalytic understanding of the experiential self, narcissism and therapeutic change."