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  • Supervision and Employee Creativity

    "In this research, we examine how followers' attributions of leader abusive supervision motives may moderate the trickle-down process of abusive supervision and the ultimate effect on employee creativity."

  • Organizational Neuroscience

    Organizational Neuroscience

    The present article...[outlines] an intermediate, critical realist position, in which the insights of social neuroscience are one of a number of convergent building blocks that together point toward the need for a more embodied and socially situated view of cognition in management and organizations.

  • When Power Makes Others Speechless

    When Power Makes Others Speechless

    "...highlights the importance of developing a better understanding of the organization-level antecedents of leaders' psychological experiences of power..."

  • Gatsby, a familiar type among business leaders?

    Gatsby, a familiar type among business leaders?

    "The Great Gatsby is an intriguing character not because he is exceptional but because he is strangely familiar. His story mirrors that of a number of business leaders, keen to abandon old identities in favour of new ones, with complex and sometimes tragic consequences." - Submitted by Mark Stein

  • Lack of Power, Power of Lack

    "The present research examines more closely how leaders construct identities by drawing on existing leadership discourse..."