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  • The ‘Becoming-ness’ of Organizations/Selves

    "So, the aim of this essai is to explore something of the becoming-ness of organizations/selves, in which the researcher-self is imbricated in this becoming-ness and must therefore be part of that which is studied."

  • Something is Lost

    Something is Lost

    If one takes a critical stance towards employee engagement, it becomes more obvious that there is a lacuna in the notion that higher engagement is a win-win situation. - Contributed by Mark Stringer, Birkbeck, University of London

  • Trust at Work: What it Means for Identity

    "What has been referred to as generalized trust has been advanced as a condition for self-identity and the absence of such trust has been found to lead to a corroded sense of self...This study advances the idea that trust may play a similar role in organizations..."

  • Lack of Power, Power of Lack

    "The present research examines more closely how leaders construct identities by drawing on existing leadership discourse..."

  • Fantasy in the Organization of Work

    "To date there have been few systematic attempts to ascertain in a general way the political and ideological significance of fantasy and other key psychic processes, especially in relation to workplace practices and the conceptualization and organization of work more broadly."