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  • Research Presentation: (Inter)subjectivity in the Research Pair

    We draw on our experiences in one organizational study to explore the reflexive process of writing fieldnotes. Articulating countertransference, a technique borrowed from psychoanalysis, informs our efforts to raise awareness of the unconscious dimensions of field experiences.

  • King Lear and Narcissism

    King Lear and Narcissism

    "This essay, centered on Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of King Lear (Fraser, 1998), interweaves two themes that bear on major clinical issues."

  • Countertransference and Technique

    "Not uncommonly, the most effective interpretations are found to be those that stemmed from the analyst's use of his countertransferential responses to the patient's productions."

  • Subjectivity and Desire in Research

    "Is it possible to construct a relation to an other in such a way that an ‘interpretation’ might emerge that does not simply rearticulate our narcissistic attachments to recognized identities?"

  • Comparing Psychoanalysis and Research Interviews

    "An unanswered question is whether it is possible to reconcile these two methods into a valid whole, where the uniqueness and detail of each individual psychoanalysis is maintained, backed up by an evidence base. This debate is equally valid in consideration of qualitative research, and in particular research interviews."