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  • Courses on Organizations – Spring 2013

    Courses on Organizations – Spring 2013

    "Two courses on organizational dynamics, leadership, analysis, and change will be taught by CSOC's director, Michael Diamond, this semester."

  • Novelty in Organizations – Call for Papers

    Novelty in Organizations – Call for Papers

    "Process Organization Studies (PROS) is a way of studying organizations that unfolds from process metaphysics – the worldview that sees processes, rather than substances, as the basic forms of the universe. A process view rests on a relational ontology, namely the recognition that everything that is has no existence apart from its relation to other things."

  • Agency in Psychoanalytic Theory

    "I will distinguish three features here—reversibility, self-observation, and appropriateness—that count to say a person is able to direct himself—or not—in a context, or becomes more enabled after therapeutic intervention."

  • Leadership and Negative Capability

    "The development of negative capability is discussed but it is suggested that its status is problematic in the context of a societal and organizational culture dominated by control and performativity."