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Special Issue: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Organizations: What Can Psychoanalysis Offer Organization Studies Today?:
1 September 2012; Vol. 33, No. 9


What Can Psychoanalysis Offer Organization Studies Today? Taking Stock of Current Developments and Thinking about Future Directions
Marianna Fotaki, Susan Long, and Howard S. Schwartz
Organization Studies 2012;33 1105-1120

The Contribution of Psychoanalysis to Organization Studies and Management: An Overview
Gilles Arnaud
Organization Studies 2012;33 1121-1135

Organizations in a State of Darkness: Towards a Theory of Organizational Miasma
Yiannis Gabriel
Organization Studies 2012;33 1137-1152

Organizational Turbulence, Trouble and Trauma: Theorizing the Collapse of a Mental Health Setting
Michael D. Fischer
Organization Studies 2012;33 1153-1173

‘Someone Big and Important’: Identification and Affect in an International Development Organization
Kate Kenny
Organization Studies 2012;33 1175-1193

‘The Return of the Primal Father’ in Postmodernity? A Lacanian Analysis of Authentic Leadership
Jana Costas and Alireza Taheri
Organization Studies 2012;33 1195-1216

The Unwanted Self: Projective Identification in Leaders’ Identity Work
Gianpiero Petriglieri and Mark Stein
Organization Studies 2012;33 1217-1235

The Subordination of the Feminine? Developing a Critical Feminist Approach to the Psychoanalysis of Organizations
Sheena J. Vachhani
Organization Studies 2012;33 1237-1255


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