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(Inter)subjectivity in the Research Pair
Presented at the 33rd EGOS Colloquium, Copenhagen, Denmark
July 8, 2017
by Carrie M Duncan and Sara RSTA Elias

Abstract: We draw on our experiences in one organizational study to explore the reflexive process of writing fieldnotes. Fieldnotes developed individually, and shared between researchers, can become the basis of reflexive dialogue to enhance researchers’ intersubjective understanding of the field. Articulating countertransference, a technique borrowed from psychoanalysis, informs our efforts to raise awareness of the unconscious dimensions of field experiences. Bridging the literatures on reflexivity, intersubjectivity, and psychoanalysis, we develop a four-dimension method of writing and analyzing fieldnotes—observing, capturing the story, articulating countertransference, and developing interpretations. This unique method focuses on the hidden emotions shaping the joint construction of research accounts.

Keywords: countertransference, fieldnotes, intersubjectivity, qualitative research, radical reflexivity


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