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Title: Promoting Workplace Well-Being: A Critical Approach
Author: Neil Thompson and John Bates (eds.)
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009
ISBN: 978-0230221925
Reviewed by Seth Allcorn

This edited book is composed of well written, concise and informative chapter contributions. It is directed at the British reader; however, the topics covered and their treatments are equally informative for the U.S. reader. They provide insights into problems in achieving workplace well-being. One chapter contributes a Hong Kong perspective, and another an Australian perspective. Confucianism and its implicit paternalism are described, discussed and critiqued. The insights gained are especially informative when one considers the trans-national elements of our workforces as well as the conduct of business. The Australian chapter addresses death, illness and grief in the workplace and introduces an Aboriginal concept, Dadirri or Deep Listening, that should be cultivated in workplace well-being programs. This notion exposes the reader to interesting insights drawn from an extremely old culture grounded in nature which was refreshing to read about. In sum this book provides an excellent over view of contemporary issues in workplace well-being.


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