• The Tavistock Institute celebrates 70 years of Human Relations. Explore stories, reflections and other content from the journal.

    Job Crafting – A Special Virtual Issue of Human Relations

    Job Crafting, a special virtual issue of Human Relations, showcases six papers that reflect current scholarship on how to improve the quality of work life.

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  • ISPSO Annual Meeting – Call for Proposals

    ISPSO Annual Meeting – Call for Proposals

    The International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations is now accepting proposals for its 2018 Annual Meeting: "Desires and Defences @ work 2018: Psychoanalytic Explorations."

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  • New Book from Howard Stein

    New Book from Howard Stein

    In Stein’s practice, listening deeply is an attitude evoked by the psychoanalytic concept of hovering attention—a careful attending to the person or group one is trying to help and an equally careful attending to how one is hearing these others. This book explores the many aspects of attentive listening through storytelling and includes examples of organizational case studies.

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  • New Book from Michael A. Diamond

    New Book from Michael A. Diamond

    This book focuses on the theory and practice of understanding and transforming organizations with the goal to discover common ground between groups and individuals. Diamond presents a framework for reflective practice and for promoting a more satisfying and humane work-life. Listen to a podcast of Diamond's recent interview with Eugenio Duarte about the book.

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  • Now Available! New Book from Stein & Allcorn

    Now Available! New Book from Stein & Allcorn

    The Dysfunctional Workplace: Theory, Stories, and Practice by Seth Allcorn and Howard F. Stein is the first in the new book series "Advances in Organizational Psychodynamics." The new series will be published by the University of Missouri Press with Michael A. Diamond, Director Emeritus of the Center for the Study of Organizational Change as Editor-in-Chief.

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