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I found this article by Almond on reading Freud’s “dynamics of transference” to be instructive. First, it’s a very good overview of Freud’s evolving and self-contradicting thinking and writing on the subject of transference. In particular, his shifting from individual to social psychology and from intrapsychic to interactive and dyadic, subsequently evolving into contemporary versions of the analytic third (or beyond the dyad). While drawing from clinical theory and documenting paradigmatic shifts in psychoanalysis from Freud and his followers to Kleinian, Kohutian self-psychology,  and relational psychoanalysis and more, Almond discusses the nuances of transference in practice. With mentions of Max Weber on the subject of charisma and the influence of social sciences, Almond presents the history of ideas around transference in a manner in which group and organizational analysts might find insightful and applicable. When I consider the various forms of intervention that follow from a psychodynamically-oriented organizational assessment, I have to take account of these ideas about transference and counter-transference as a pivotal focal point for organizational change. Few concepts of psychoanalytic theory are as critical.


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