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Writing fieldnotes: An intersubjective approach
Academy of Management 2017 Annual Meeting
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Professional Development Workshop
Friday, August 4, 2017
Organized by Carrie M Duncan and Sara Elias

Abstract: This interactive workshop is designed to explore the complexities of reflexive qualitative research in pairs and teams through the lens of fieldnote-writing. We will demonstrate how to write fieldnotes along four dimensions—observing, capturing the story, articulating countertransference, and developing interpretations— and open an intersubjective, interpretive space between researchers through reflexive dialogue. During the workshop participants will generate their own fieldnotes, compare them with others’ in the workshop, and then engage in a reflexive dialogue about what they have written. Participants will also observe and engage in a demonstration of the workshop organizers’ method of fieldnote-writing, reflexive dialogue, and intersubjective interpretation. This workshop will benefit researchers who wish to learn about how to write fieldnotes individually and within research teams. It provides practical tips for engaging in reflexive fieldnote-writing and leveraging co-researchers’ perspectives to uncover hidden emotions and meanings that influence the joint construction of research reports.