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CSOC Working Paper #1: Workplace Predation: A Discussion

Abstract: We present a brief discussion of organizational psychopaths in response to the books Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths go to Work and Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of Psychopaths Among Us. In particular, we examine how psychopaths enter the workplace and ascend to leadership, and how a psychoanalytical perspective can help organizations prevent the damage that they can cause. We suggest that if it is the goal of organizational science to prevent unacceptable organizational outcomes and destructive employee behaviors, then researchers and practitioners cannot ignore the presence of personality disorders in the workplace. Psychoanalytic approaches to the workplace provide a deep understanding of individual and group psychology leading to more effective workplace interventions.

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CSOC Working Paper #4: Toxic Workplace Leaders and Organizational Dynamics Versus More Enlightened Approaches to Leadership

Excerpt: Allow me to begin with my conclusion.  Based on all of this experience and multiple efforts to implement and practice the enlightened values advocated above I conclude that the dark forces that are continually present in all organizations will win out by killing-off what is usually found to be a deviant subculture by eliminating the leader (Allcorn, 1991).  Longer-term desired culture is also not sustainable even if the leader is able to persist within the organization as a result of eventually voluntarily giving up and withdrawing from the battle field, changing jobs or retiring.  Restating, the desired context is challenging to create, most often not understood by others, frequently under attack at the boundary, and ultimately the larger dark organizational culture will win out.  The expression bringing a knife to a gun fight seems to be the case.  Allow me to elaborate.

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