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This project involves research about how educational and support activities provided by publicly funded organizations affect entrepreneurial efforts. Interviews and observations of entrepreneur(s) or owner(s) of a small business will be conducted focusing on understanding the impact of public policy (education and support services) in the lives of entrepreneurs. In general we are trying to answer the question: How does public policy affect the everyday practices of entrepreneurs?

We will be recruiting participants and doing interviews and observations beginning in December 2017 and ending in August 2018. Entrepreneurs and small business owners that have previously or are currently receiving education and/or support services from a publicly funded entrepreneurial support program are eligible to participate. If you would like to participate please contact:

Dr. Mindy (Carrie) Duncan

Participation entails completing audio-taped and/or video-taped interviews with one of the researchers, and/or being observed and video-taped by one of the researchers while you are doing your work (you may opt out of being video or audiotaped).

The interview is anticipated to last 1-3 hours depending on your availability and how much you want to say. Observational periods will last from 1-3 hours and continue until no new information comes to light or the project period ends. We will be observing how you incorporate training and/or other support services into your everyday practices as an entrepreneur or small business owner. You may also be asked to give feedback on the analysis, later in the research process, but you are under no obligation to do so. Feedback sessions will last 1-3 hours.

We will protect your privacy by 1) removing any identifying information from transcripts and any reporting of the data, 2) changing your name on the transcripts to further protect your identity, 3) obscuring identifying characteristics, and 4) keeping any audiotapes or videotapes in a locked cabinet. There is minimal risk of a loss of privacy, but if a loss of privacy were to occur, you could potentially experience embarrassment or discomfort about your responses to interview questions.

Your participation in interviews and observations is completely voluntary. You may opt out of being video or audiotaped. If you decide to participate, you are free to withdraw your consent and discontinue participation at any time. Likewise, if you initially decline to participate you may change your mind and join the study at any time. The results of this study could help policymakers better understand how public programs affect entrepreneurs. However, we cannot guarantee that you personally will receive any benefits from this research.
If you have any questions about this study please contact:

Dr. Mindy (Carrie) Duncan

You may contact the Campus Institutional Review Board if you have questions about your rights, concerns, complaints or comments as a research participant. You can contact the Campus Institutional Review Board directly by telephone or email to voice any concerns, questions, input or complaints about the research study:

483 Reynolds Hall, Columbia, MO 65211