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The aim of this study is to answer the question, “How have potential changes in the rules about overtime pay affected people and organizations?” We plan to conduct surveys (and interviews when possible) through the first quarter of 2018.

Any individual employed, or previously employed, in an organization affected by potential overtime rule changes is eligible to participate. This study excludes individuals who are not employed, or previously employed, by an organization affected by potential overtime rule changes.

The first step is taking a survey. You are being asked to respond to seven questions about your workplace experiences. This survey will take about five minutes to complete. Participation in this research project is completely voluntary and you may discontinue your involvement in the project at any time without penalty. If you desire to withdraw, please close your internet browser.

Take the Survey

You will have the opportunity to provide your name and contact information so that we can schedule an interview with you. You are not required to participate in an interview in order to complete this survey.

The results of this study could help policymakers better understand the implications of their decisions about labor policies for organizations and citizens. However, I cannot guarantee that you personally will receive any benefits from this research.

If you have any questions about this study please you may contact me:
Dr. Mindy (Carrie) Duncan

You may also contact the Campus Institutional Review Board if you have questions about your rights, concerns, or complaints, or to make comments about your participation in the study. You can contact the Campus Institutional Review Board directly by telephone or email to voice any concerns, questions, input or complaints about the research study:

483 Reynolds Hall, Columbia, MO 65211