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Submitted by Martha Fischer

The first principle of Process Consultation (PC) is a good rule of thumb not only when entering into a consultant role, but also in everyday life: Always try to be helpful.

I will admit that I have had very little exposure to the process and practice of consultation. However, reading Schein (1999) demystified consultation for me a bit and I especially enjoyed learning about the ten principles of PC.

These common sense principles offer a path for consultants when building and maintaining relationships with clients who are seeking assistance. Regularly using the PC principles as touchstones throughout the partnership can help consultants to navigate the organizational landscape and work through any complications they encounter during the consultation relationship.

This meme’s first line “I’m not always helpful…” reinforces the consultant’s right and responsibility to determine whether or not they can be helpful to the client and/or if the client truly wants to be helped. Schein recommends that an exploratory meeting occur after the first contact. If, during this exploratory meeting, the consultant/client chemistry is not there or if the client (or organization) does not seem to be ready to accept help, sometimes the most helpful thing a consultant can do is decide not to help at this time.

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