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Job Crafting,” this current issue of Human Relations, comes from a research question posed at the publication’s 70th anniversary celebration, the question being “Can, and should, social science contribute to better quality jobs?”

The commentary and presentations from this initial question ultimately converged onto a larger question regarding classic job design theories and whether or not present day scholarship has transcended the original theories.

This special virtual issue of Human Relations showcases six papers that reflect current scholarship on job crafting. This collection of papers is presented with the hopes that they will spur on new research that will lead to the increase the quality of working life.

The following papers are highlighted in Job Crafting –

Network characteristics: When an individual’s job crafting depends on the jobs of others
Lorenzo Bizzi
Human Relations 2017, 70(4):436–460, first published on August 25, 2016
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | 

When and why do individuals craft their jobs? The role of individual motivation and work characteristics for job crafting
Cornelia Niessen, Daniela Weseler and Petya Kostova
Human Relations 2016, 69(6): 1287–1313, first published on January 7, 2016
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | 

Crafting one’s leisure time in response to high job strain
Paraskevas Petrou and Arnold B Bakker
Human Relations 2016, 69(2): 507–529, first published on October 12, 2015
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | 

Modelling job crafting behaviours: Implications for work engagement
Arnold B Bakker, Alfredo Rodríguez-Muñoz and Ana Isabel Sanz Vergel
Human Relations 2016, 69(1): 169–189, first published on September 24, 2015
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | 

‘Content to be sad’ or ‘runaway apprentice’? The psychological contract and career agency of young scientists in the entrepreneurial university
Alice Lam and André de Campos
Human Relations 2015, 68(5): 811–841, first published on November 5, 2014
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | 

Proactive personality and job performance: The role of job crafting and work engagement 
Arnold B Bakker, Maria Tims, Daantje Derks
Human Relations 2012, 65(10): 1359–1378, first published on September 11, 2012
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | 



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