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The International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations is now accepting proposals for paper presentations and professional development workshops (PDWs) for its 2018 Annual Meeting “Desires and Defences @ work 2018: Psychoanalytic Explorations.”

This symposium will explore what conscious and unconscious desires and defences are at play for individuals and collective groups in today’s workplaces. It invites you to apply a psychoanalytical lens using two distinct ways of looking. To be human is both to desire and to be anxious. It is also about defending against those anxieties particularly in uncertain times, and unchartered waters.

Some emerging aspects of the theme that are of particular interest include:

  • Under what conditions does individual and organizational desire flourish or decay
  • What dynamics, conscious and unconscious, demonstrate organisational desire at play
  • How does the dislocation of the ‘external’ world impact organisational desire
  • What societal legacies influence our relationship with desire
  • What psychoanalytic discourses help us to better understand desires and defences in organizational life

Read the full announcement here.

The deadline for submissions is December 30, 2017.


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