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  • Fantasy of Fusion and Brexit

    Can the motivations behind the Brexit campaign for Britain to leave the EU be explained by the logical conclusion to the fantasy of fusion - in other words, is large scale collaboration inevitably doomed to fail when the individual interests of each actor outweigh the need for a defense against anxiety?

  • Map of European Countries

    ‘Fantasy of Fusion’ as a Response to Trauma – Mark Stein

    This paper questions the widely held assumption that trauma engenders feelings of helplessness and instead argues that it can lead to an over-optimistic response. Drawing on concepts from psychoanalysis, the term ‘fantasy of fusion’ is developed to encapsulate this idea.

  • Twinship and Identity in Organizational Narcissism

    Twinship and Identity in Organizational Narcissism

    "Twin organizations may therefore manifest highly problematic dynamics. Specifically, if a twin organization has managed to create what is perceived as a special, different and potentially unique identity, the other twin may be inclined to copy and better its rival."

  • Gatsby, a familiar type among business leaders?

    Gatsby, a familiar type among business leaders?

    "The Great Gatsby is an intriguing character not because he is exceptional but because he is strangely familiar. His story mirrors that of a number of business leaders, keen to abandon old identities in favour of new ones, with complex and sometimes tragic consequences." - Submitted by Mark Stein

  • Narcissistic Leadership

    "Acknowledging the important contribution of these authors, in this article, I seek to further our understanding of the Janus-faced nature of narcissistic leadership by examining these issues in a new way. I consider the possibility that constructive and reactive narcissism may inhere in one leader but manifest on different occasions and may emerge in response to different circumstances."