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“This generous gift is designated primarily for doctoral student fellowships in organizational studies. Students with academic and research interests in the psychodynamics of organizational change, politics, and culture, will work closely as doctoral research assistants with the Center for the Study of Organizational Change (CSOC),” said Michael Diamond, PhD., Founder and Director of the Center. Doctoral students will receive their PhD through the Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs with a concentration and expertise in organization change (theory, behavior, analysis, politics and culture).

[quote_right author=”Seth Allcorn”]CSOC fosters cross-disciplinary fertilization of ideas that develop and extend organizational theory. Our vision is a Center where the psychological approach to understanding organizations flourishes, illuminating the human aspect of organizing in a complex and chaotic environment.[/quote_right]

Seth Allcorn is the former Vice President for Business and Finance at the University of New England. He has worked for more than twenty years as a part-time and full-time organizational consultant specializing in the management of change, strategic planning, and organizational restructuring. As an associate of the Center for the Study of Organizational Change, he contributes scholarly content and supports the Center’s students in their pursuit of knowledge of organizations.

Allcorn said, “Our vision is for CSOC to become a focal point for the psychological study of organizations, drawing students and scholars from a variety of disciplines.” He said that he hopes that CSOC will become a source of scholarship, teaching, and research that enriches students, practitioners, and leaders in their efforts to develop and sustain successful organizations. Dr. Allcorn is the author or co-author of a dozen books, a half a dozen chapters and over seventy-five papers. He is a founding member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations and has been associated with the Center for the Study of Organizational Change since its inception in 1996.

CSOC is an interdisciplinary research center devoted to the theory and practice of psychosocial and psychodynamic organizational change. CSOC’s method has evolved over 30 years of fieldwork and consultation. CSOC is committed to advancing knowledge and understanding of human organizing, and the challenges of organizational change in a global and cross-cultural context.

Allcorn’s gift will also establish an annual award for an outstanding book or paper. CSOC’s Excellence in Organization Scholarship Award will raise awareness about the Center and develop the knowledge base for understanding organizations and organizational change. According to Allcorn, “There is a gap in the existing knowledge base and this award will promote and recognize scholarly excellence in developing new ways to apply psychoanalytic theory to the study of organizations.” The award will be matched by the CSOC and the Truman School of Public Affairs.