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In Arnold Modell’s Imagination and the Meaningful Brain, he writes of the “tendency to dehumanize the mind:…psychiatry has become nearly mindless. Yet the flight away from a meaningful mind is widespread and not confined to psychiatry.”

This tendency, he continues, “may represent an aspect of American culture that is relatively intolerant of conflict and the disorder that is part of one’s inner world, and that welcomes the orderliness of “objective” and presumably scientific explanations of how the mind works. These same cultural forces are one among many elements that contributed to the depreciation of Freud and psychoanalysis in the U.S. in contrast to Europe.”

Modell concludes: “I agree with Jonathan Lear (1998) that Freud is only a stalking horse that the culture war is really about the nature of the human soul, the depth and complexity of mind, and the fact that motivation and meaning are derived from the unconscious mind, of which we are only partially aware and which we cannot control.”

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