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The University of Missouri Press is launching a new book series that explores the relational nuances of power and personality, symbol and metaphor, psychopathology and politics, and meaning and imagination in the workplace. The series describes and explains the irrational, counterproductive, and destructive human behavior in organizations and in organizational leadership.

“Advances in Organizational Psychodynamics” is a series of books that reaches to the analytic depths to advance our understanding organizations by reviewing, addressing, and applying contemporary organizational theory and psychoanalysis to organizational behavior and culture. Interdisciplinary in scope, this series will advance knowledge of methods of studying organizational culture and dynamics such as immersion, participant-observation, narrative and storytelling, fieldwork, and ethnography. It will fill a void in the literature and offer new insights and frameworks for studying and understanding organizations and organizational participants.

Michael A. Diamond, Series Editor, is Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs and Organization Studies, and Director Emeritus, Center for the Study of Organizational Change, Harry S. Truman School of Public Affairs at the University of Missouri–Columbia. He is a recipient of the Levinson Award for Excellence in Consulting awarded by the American Psychological Association. He lives in New York, NY. For more information on the series or to submit a manuscript proposal, please contact Michael A. Diamond at diamondm@missouri.edu.

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