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  • Attachment in the Workplace

    Attachment in the Workplace

    "Secure attachment is a healthy attachment style that enables individuals to work autonomously as well as with others when appropriate."

  • Promoting Workplace Well-Being

    Promoting Workplace Well-Being

    "Providing a cross-cultural perspective on issues relating to well-being and creating safe and healthy work environments."

  • Constructivist Organizational Design

    Constructivist Organizational Design

    "This paper brings together the two separate paradigmatic perspectives of constructivist epistemologies and of organizational design science, and shows how they could jointly constitute the ingredients of a constructivism-founded scientific paradigm for organization research."

  • Leadership and Negative Capability

    "The development of negative capability is discussed but it is suggested that its status is problematic in the context of a societal and organizational culture dominated by control and performativity."

  • Leadership for the Common Good

    Leadership for the Common Good

    "Readers are led through an all too common landscape of leadership, management, and corporate horrors often tacitly supported by boards, external auditors, and regulators. The book, by combining an array of bad leadership examples, provides an authoritative look at this darker side of the workplace."