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  • Theory of Organizational Implosion

    Theory of Organizational Implosion

    "Hypotheses are presented about organization disaster and implosion, relating organizational outcomes to the nature of external controlling organizations, communications among organizational sets, and types of interdependence among organizations."

  • Influence through Emotional Expression

    Influence through Emotional Expression

    "We articulate the mechanisms by which the ability to influence others via emotion displays is related to competence in organizational settings."

  • OD and the Zeigarnik Effect

    "Four domains of unfinished business in the field are identified and explored."

  • Government, Organizations, and Ethics

    Government, Organizations, and Ethics

    "This article discusses ethical challenges posed by market-based government and the degree to which contracting enhances or diminishes government’s ability to ensure that organizations that deliver public services adhere to ethical practices and public values."