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  • Learning About Groups

    "For me, it was a valuable learning experience that has deepened my awareness of self and other in every group that I join."

  • “The Borders of Disciplines…

    “The Borders of Disciplines…

    ...are historically constituted and...fundamentally arbitrary."

  • (Mis)Interpretations of Freud

    "While drawing from clinical theory and documenting paradigmatic shifts in psychoanalysis from Freud and his followers to Kleinian, Kohutian self-psychology, and relational psychoanalysis and more, Almond discusses the nuances of transference in practice."

  • Virtue Ethics

    Virtue Ethics

    "There is a rich diversity of topics in virtue ethics that can be pursued from the perspective of phenomenology, such as: the need for proper character dispositions (courage, humility, justice, etc.); the fundamental quest for fulfillment (eudaimonia); the role of moral exemplars, and the dilemmas of ignorance and incontinence."

  • Perverse Social Defence

    Perverse Social Defence

    "The concept of ‘social defence’ refers to largely non-conscious but socially organized mechanisms of managing anxieties, anxieties which can be of an ontological, sexual or moral nature."