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  • Working with Change Resistant Organizations

    Working with Change Resistant Organizations

    An interactive case conference hosted by The Gould Center for Psychoanalytic Organizational Study and Consultation and faciltated by Ferne Traeger, LCSW, FIPA, MBA and Michael A. Diamond, PhD.

  • The Capacity for Civic Engagement

    While we do not lack for literature to guide us in thinking about public life, we have less to call on when our problem is not only to explore public ideals and institutions, but also to consider the nature and origin of our capacity to make a connection with and find meaning in those institutions and ideals. Levine explores the nature and origin of this capacity to form a connection and find meaning.

  • QRM Conference Just Around the Corner!

    QRM Conference Just Around the Corner!

    "We want to build on the initiatives of the last five QRM conferences in providing opportunities to discuss and explore more reflexive and imaginative forms of research."

  • Artifaction and Organizational Development

    "This article explores and defines key elements of an artifaction theory of organizational development (OD) interventions. Four dimensions of artifaction are distinguished: ascription, fabrication, displacement, and reinterpretation. "

  • Attachment in the Workplace

    Attachment in the Workplace

    "Secure attachment is a healthy attachment style that enables individuals to work autonomously as well as with others when appropriate."