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  • Constructivist Organizational Design

    Constructivist Organizational Design

    "This paper brings together the two separate paradigmatic perspectives of constructivist epistemologies and of organizational design science, and shows how they could jointly constitute the ingredients of a constructivism-founded scientific paradigm for organization research."

  • Promoting Workplace Well-Being

    "Providing a cross-cultural perspective on issues relating to well-being and creating safe and healthy work environments."

  • Seidenberg Prize

    Seidenberg Prize

    The Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis seeks papers using psychoanalytic perspectives on the problem of incarceration.

  • Feedback Survey

    We are distributing a survey to learn more about our readers. We would love to get your feedback on our content.

  • The Tavistock Institute celebrates 70 years of Human Relations. Explore stories, reflections and other content from the journal.

    Job Crafting – A Special Virtual Issue of Human Relations

    Job Crafting, a special virtual issue of Human Relations, showcases six papers that reflect current scholarship on how to improve the quality of work life.