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  • AOM: 78th Annual Meeting

    AOM: 78th Annual Meeting

    78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management August 10-14, 2018 | Chicago, Illinois, USA

  • Dialogical Inquiry

    "At a time when management scholars recognize the acute gap that exists between theory and practice, Schein’s contribution to methodology over the past 40 years continues to help us redefine the way we do research."

  • Listening with the Third Ear

    Listening with the Third Ear

    "What I focus on is a brief review of some of Reik’s major contributions to our understanding of such themes as unconscious communication between patient and analyst, the analyst’s use of his or her own associations as a source of information, and the intersubjective nature of the analytic relationship."

  • The ‘Becoming-ness’ of Organizations/Selves

    "So, the aim of this essai is to explore something of the becoming-ness of organizations/selves, in which the researcher-self is imbricated in this becoming-ness and must therefore be part of that which is studied."

  • Government, Organizations, and Ethics

    Government, Organizations, and Ethics

    "This article discusses ethical challenges posed by market-based government and the degree to which contracting enhances or diminishes government’s ability to ensure that organizations that deliver public services adhere to ethical practices and public values."

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