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PA 8160, Organizational Dynamics and Leadership, is a graduate course on organizational culture and leadership.

Students will learn several theories of organization and leadership, which will assist them in identifying and distinguishing various dimensions of organizational culture. Students will come to understand the capacity for organizations and their individual leaders and members to learn reflectively and think systemically. In addition, students will explore the conscious and unconscious psychological dynamics and inner emotional worlds of leaders in groups and organizations, and will come to appreciate the value of emotional intelligence in assessing the capacity to inspire followers and to lead with clarity of vision and direction.

This course addresses the NASPAA Universal Competency “Lead and manage in public governance.” Specifically, we will cover organizational models and perspectives, leadership models and approaches, organizational culture, and management of organizations.


Course Information

  • Course Code: PUB_AF 8160
  • Course Delivery: Internet
  • Course Duration: 9 weeks
  • Course Credits: 3