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PA 8620, Organizational Analysis and Change, is an advanced graduate course in the psychodynamics of organizational diagnosis and change. It investigates the social, ethical, and psychological dimensions of intervention theory and method for organizational change.

Students learn that the psychodynamics of power, politics, and personality often shape decision-making in organizations to the detriment of effectiveness, competitiveness, ethical integrity, long-term institutional viability and the public good. Leadership, structures, and strategy, are often not based in reason, or conscious intention, and organizational performance is essentially the outcome of a collision between human nature (personality and human contact) and organizational structure and culture.

At the conclusion of this course, students will have a deeper, analytical, multi-dimensional, understanding of individual and organizational dynamics, diagnosis, intervention and processes of change. They will also have a greater appreciation for the role of researchers, participant-observers, analysts, consultants, and agents to change.


Course Information

  • Course Code: PUB_AF 8620
  • Course Delivery: Internet
  • Course Duration: 9 weeks
  • Course Credits: 3