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We are effective at supporting organizational change in all of its forms. This page lists some of the services that we offer along with organizational assessment and diagnosis.

Executive Coaching

For leaders at all levels. Focuses on developing self-awareness to create effective leadership.

Strategic Direction

We help organizations plan for short and long term change by creating a plan with concrete, actionable objectives, deliverables, and a timeline linked to resources. Most helpful when initiated after a mini assessment.

Organizational Redesign

Organizational structure is a management tool that needs to be continually adjusted to effectively respond to changing task environments. We provide an assessment of how effective the current design is, provide recommendations for change, and facilitate the change process.

Process Improvement

Keeping organizational systems and processes tuned-up can be the difference between great success and merely getting by. We assess your current systems and processes, provide actionable recommendations for change, and facilitate the planning and implementation of change.

Process Consultation

Managing organizations can be challenging in the presence of dysfunctional organizational dynamics. We provide a review and assessment of the presenting problem and systemic underlying properties, and locate recommendations to change management methods and styles to improve performance.

Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution

Organizational crises may include, or have as their origins, unmanaged conflict. We enter this work with a deep respect for organizational history and current events as well as the people involved. Our work involves interviewing throughout the organization. Based on our findings we provide recommendations for improvement combined with facilitation to help manage resistance to change rooted in unresolved conflict.

Mergers and Collaboration

Mergers and collaboration are always challenging in terms of combining operating and information systems, different design elements and histories, and different leadership styles. We provide consultation to the merger process to ensure it proceeds smoothly with special attention to the human side of the merger.