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As a part of our research efforts, CSOC provides consultation to change in organizations of any size in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. We use the Four-Phase Model of Organizational Change in all of our service projects.

The Four-Phase Model offers a comprehensive and systemic approach to organizational change rooted in organizational assessment and diagnosis. Fundamental organizational change begins with a thick description of the organizational culture represents the participants’ collective perceptions and experiences.

1. Contracting – we meet with you to listen to your needs and make suggestions about how we could be helpful.
2. Organizational assessment – through interviewing, observation, and fact gathering we construct a picture of your organization, which is presented for confirmation or rejection.
3. Intervention – Then, based on an agreed upon picture of how things are working right now, we work with you to articulate where you would like to be and facilitate the change process.
4. Follow-up – we periodically follow-up with client organizations to assess how the intervention is working.

In our initial meeting, we will work with you to identify an initial statement of the problem and scope of work. Organizational assessments and/or interventions can be done as stand alone services or sequentially depending on your organization’s needs.