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  • Anatomy of the Entrepreneur

    Anatomy of the Entrepreneur

    "Venture capitalists, investment bankers, people acquiring entrepreneurial businesses, or individuals who work for an entrepreneur-- anyone who deals with an entrepreneur-would do well to heed the complex drama playing in the inner world of these people..."

  • Subjectivity and Objectivity in Analytic Listening

    "Renik notes that the power of the patient’s transference will persist in spite of selfdisclosure. I would add that this includes the idealizing transference as well. An idealizing patient will surely idealize a user-friendly, self-disclosing analyst as readily as a silent, austere one."

  • Free Association and Analytic Neutrality

    Free Association and Analytic Neutrality

    "Neutrality as a technical principle does not mandate a correct way of responding, nor does in commit the analyst to an emotionally vacant way of being; rather it guides that analyst to avoid using feelings, attitudes, and postures in order to control the patient's transference experience."

  • Subjectivity and Desire in Research

    "Is it possible to construct a relation to an other in such a way that an ‘interpretation’ might emerge that does not simply rearticulate our narcissistic attachments to recognized identities?"

  • Exploring the White Spaces of Organization

    Exploring the White Spaces of Organization

    "The millenarian discourse of crisis with which we began is suggestive then not so much of new sites of organization that are fixed in spatial location or measurable in terms of regular temporal scales but of rather more shifting and protean forms of organizing."