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  • The Complicated Ethics of Creative Nonfiction

    The Complicated Ethics of Creative Nonfiction

    "Every writer of creative nonfiction is an Ishmael who alone has lived to tell the tale-the true story that only he or she can tell."

  • Creative Nonfiction Case Study

    "Creative nonfiction stories offer an interpretive qualitative research vehicle that can be useful in examining challenging phenomena in public organizations..."

  • Dreams of the Informant about the Researcher

    Dreams of the Informant about the Researcher

    "Moreover, just as the subjects' covert expectations of the investigator may be revealed in their dream reports and accompanying associations, the investigators may gain comparable insights by attending to their own dreams....If understanding both their patients' transference and their own counter-transference feelings is the essential task of therapists in our own society, social scientists, working in exotic settings which the parameters of the researcher-informant relationship are impossible to control, ignore this same task at their peril."

  • Organizational Neuroscience

    Organizational Neuroscience

    The present article...[outlines] an intermediate, critical realist position, in which the insights of social neuroscience are one of a number of convergent building blocks that together point toward the need for a more embodied and socially situated view of cognition in management and organizations.

  • Countertransference and Technique

    "Not uncommonly, the most effective interpretations are found to be those that stemmed from the analyst's use of his countertransferential responses to the patient's productions."