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  • A Commentary on Critical Dynamics in Multiparty Collaboration

    "Prins’s article (2010) exemplifies how a systems psychodynamic orientation cancontribute to our understanding of those interorganizational phenomena known as multi-agency collaborations. It is precisely the apparent quality of the research and consultancy that makes this case study useful for purposes of heuristicand academic discussion."

  • On Psychoanalytic Writing

    On Psychoanalytic Writing

    "Analytic writing is a literary genre that involves the conjunction of an interpretation and a work of art."

  • The Methodology of Participant Observation

    The Methodology of Participant Observation

    This article examines the challenges that participant-observation faces as a methodology in light of "the scientific perspectives and standards of research."

  • The Relational Tradition

    This essay describes "the history and evolution of this perspective, its theoretical underpinnings and ancestry, and its emergence as a powerful critique of, and alternative to, the more classical movements in psychoanalysis."

  • Leadership and Learning from Failure

    Leadership and Learning from Failure

    "In this study, the authors address two key questions that have received only limited attention in the literature: (a) how learning leadership enables organizational learning from failures and (b) how these learning behaviors enhance organizational capacities for adaptation to environmental turbulence."

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