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  • Metaphorical Processes, Organizing, and Theorizing

    Metaphorical Processes, Organizing, and Theorizing

    "Within the movement from science as reflecting the world objectively to science as containing metaphor-based experiential categories, psychoanalysis could tum out to be the flagship by exploring metaphor in its alive, temporal dimension within individuals seeking to increase creativity."

  • Mixed Methods Research: Psychoanalytic Human Science

    "Geertz’s concept of “continuous dialectical tacking” provides the opportunity for a thick description of the subject and the object of study at the level of both local detail and global structure."

  • Does your organization foster emotional health?

    "Menzies Lyth can be summed up as stating that a failure to provide for attachment needs leads to a failure to attain depressive-position functioning; a state of emotional deprivation goes hand in hand with an experience of meaninglessness..."

  • Bullying, the Gang, and the Individual

    Bullying, the Gang, and the Individual

    "Bion describes a basic human tension between an essential need for knowledge of emotional experience, and the desire to avoid frustration and pain—the often unavoidable accompaniments to reaching emotional truth, and coping with truth’s consequences. But to reach truth, one must not be bullied by the inevitable fantasy of truth’s ‘badness’."

  • Leaders’ Identity Work

    Leaders’ Identity Work

    "After locating our argument within the field of leadership studies and reviewing existing identity scholarship on leaders‘ development, we outline the conceptual framework of projective identification in leaders‘ identity work. "