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  • On Psychoanalytic Writing

    On Psychoanalytic Writing

    "Analytic writing is a literary genre that involves the conjunction of an interpretation and a work of art."

  • A Commentary on Critical Dynamics in Multiparty Collaboration

    "Prins’s article (2010) exemplifies how a systems psychodynamic orientation cancontribute to our understanding of those interorganizational phenomena known as multi-agency collaborations. It is precisely the apparent quality of the research and consultancy that makes this case study useful for purposes of heuristicand academic discussion."

  • New Book from Howard Stein

    New Book from Howard Stein

    In Stein’s practice, listening deeply is an attitude evoked by the psychoanalytic concept of hovering attention—a careful attending to the person or group one is trying to help and an equally careful attending to how one is hearing these others. This book explores the many aspects of attentive listening through storytelling and includes examples of organizational case studies.

  • The Methodology of Participant Observation

    The Methodology of Participant Observation

    This article examines the challenges that participant-observation faces as a methodology in light of "the scientific perspectives and standards of research."

  • The Relational Tradition

    This essay describes "the history and evolution of this perspective, its theoretical underpinnings and ancestry, and its emergence as a powerful critique of, and alternative to, the more classical movements in psychoanalysis."

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