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  • A Cultural Approach to Organizational Climate

    A Cultural Approach to Organizational Climate

    "Climate exhibits those behavioral and attitudinal characteristics of participants which are more empirically accessible to external observers. Culture, on the other hand, represents a more implicit feature of organizations."

  • Beyond Morgan’s Eight Metaphors

    Beyond Morgan’s Eight Metaphors

    "Does Morgan's work still have purchase in relation to contemporary organizational theorizing? Do his ideas resonate with new forms of organization and the processes of organizing?"

  • Subjectivity and Objectivity in Analytic Listening

    "Renik notes that the power of the patient’s transference will persist in spite of selfdisclosure. I would add that this includes the idealizing transference as well. An idealizing patient will surely idealize a user-friendly, self-disclosing analyst as readily as a silent, austere one."

  • The Perverse Panopticon in Forensic Mental Health

    The Perverse Panopticon in Forensic Mental Health

    "...the very real power differentials that exist between the ‘‘would be watcher’’ and ‘‘won’’t be watched’’. This gives rise to the disturbed and disturbing claustrophobic environment that we are calling the perverse panopticon within which this more conscious, and intentional reciprocal scrutiny becomes suffused with more primitive forms of unconscious communication rooted in processes of projective and introjective identification..."

  • Reverie and Metaphor

    Reverie and Metaphor

    "A good deal of my work as an analyst involves the effort to transform my experience of 'I-ness' (myself as unself-conscious subject) into an experience of 'me-ness' (myself as object of analytic scrutiny)."