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  • What makes leadership “good enough”?

    "...the “good enough” leader (GEL), like the “good enough” mother, does not try to be obsessively and compulsively perfect, machine-like, in his or her attunement with and response to the organisation...The “good enough” style of leadership contrasts with two culturally widespread and familiar styles of leadership...“hard” and “soft.”

  • Which Identities Matter?

    Which Identities Matter?

    "Following V. D. Miller, Allen, Casey, and Johnson (2000) and Cheney (1983), we seek to characterize, rather than simply quantify, participants’ understandings of their attachments to group, organization, and profession and the stresses associated with those attachments."

  • Dilemmas in Qualitative Interviews

    Dilemmas in Qualitative Interviews

    "The paper explores some of the emotional and ethical tensions in analysing and presenting research results and briefly discusses some implications for research training."

  • Stories in Organizations

    "This conceptual piece generates additional insight into the topic of narrative by focusing on stories that are repeated in organizations, which we believe adds to theory in several ways."

  • A Cultural Approach to Organizational Climate

    A Cultural Approach to Organizational Climate

    "Climate exhibits those behavioral and attitudinal characteristics of participants which are more empirically accessible to external observers. Culture, on the other hand, represents a more implicit feature of organizations."