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  • The Trouble with Reality

    The Trouble with Reality

    "...like other ordinary human beings, psychoanalysts need both individuals and abstractions. Nothing in the ancient debate stops us from walking a path of evidence toward an objective truth."

  • Causal Mechanisms and Emergent Properties of Collaboration

    Causal Mechanisms and Emergent Properties of Collaboration

    "Examination of these studies reflects not only the potential for mixed methods research to support and extend psychoanalytic theories of organizations, but also the benefit of epistemological pluralism for understanding the intersections within and between public and private organizations."

  • Mixed Methods Research: Psychoanalytic Human Science

    "Geertz’s concept of “continuous dialectical tacking” provides the opportunity for a thick description of the subject and the object of study at the level of both local detail and global structure."

  • Creativity and Dialectical Phenomena

    "As the dialectical entities of life–death, hope–despair and creativity–collapse collided and connected, I experienced the welling up of powerful, confusing and contradictory emotions. I believe that it is this very sense of confusion, paradox and contradiction that can alert us to the vital presence of the edge."

  • Diversity and Dissent in the Social Sciences

    Diversity and Dissent in the Social Sciences

    "The norm of epistemic responsibility is the principle that a scientist has a duty to provide sufficient evidence in support of her view (or at least to adopt a defense commitment with respect to it). The standards of evidence are set by the scientific community that is her primary audience. Standards do not need to be adopted dogmatically; they are justified by default until someone challenges them in an appropriate way."