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  • Winter Reading Circle

    Winter Reading Circle

    "We aim to explore feminism and feminist theory through the lens of psychoanalysis, philosophy, political and social theory."

  • Are you researching organizations?

    Are you researching organizations?

    "Put yourself on the map!"

  • Courses on Organizations – Spring 2013

    Courses on Organizations – Spring 2013

    "Two courses on organizational dynamics, leadership, analysis, and change will be taught by CSOC's director, Michael Diamond, this semester."

  • Paper Award Applications – Extended Deadline January 15, 2013

    "The Excellence in Organizational Scholarship Award was established in 2012 to develop the knowledge base for understanding organizations and organizational change, and to recognize scholarly excellence in developing new ways to apply psychoanalytic theory to the study of organizations."

  • Novelty in Organizations – Call for Papers

    Novelty in Organizations – Call for Papers

    "Process Organization Studies (PROS) is a way of studying organizations that unfolds from process metaphysics – the worldview that sees processes, rather than substances, as the basic forms of the universe. A process view rests on a relational ontology, namely the recognition that everything that is has no existence apart from its relation to other things."