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  • ISPSO Annual Meeting, July 8-14 2013, Oxford

    ISPSO Annual Meeting, July 8-14 2013, Oxford

    "The International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations (ISPSO) provides a forum for academics, clinicians, consultants and others interested in working in and with organizations utilizing psychoanalytic concepts and insights."

  • Classic Psychoanalysis

    Classic Psychoanalysis

    "This Site has as its main aim to study in depth the works of Sigmund Freud, to develop discussion and debate on them, to communicate among other interested parties and to organize meetings with psychoanalysts who are keen to work clinically and think theoretically on the above lines. "

  • Winter Reading Circle

    Winter Reading Circle

    "We aim to explore feminism and feminist theory through the lens of psychoanalysis, philosophy, political and social theory."

  • Are you researching organizations?

    Are you researching organizations?

    "Put yourself on the map!"

  • The Capacity for Ethical Conduct

    The Capacity for Ethical Conduct

    "David Levine discusses how ethical conduct is a special way of relating to others, one that secures respect for their integrity by assuring that what they do can express who they are."