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  • Case Studies and Comparability

    Case Studies and Comparability

    "First, my analysis demonstrates why it would be best to situate external validity as a problem of inference rather than mere representativeness, as in the traditional view. Second, the approach that I develop suggests strategies for strengthening the generalizability potential of case studies."

  • A Social Theory of Trauma Part I

    A Social Theory of Trauma Part I

    "One thinks and acts toward others as if they stand objectively independent when, in fact, they are shot through with specific meanings, part of our inner world, imposed on others and on things."

  • Bounded Rationality: Taking Another Look

    Bounded Rationality: Taking Another Look

    "It is maintained that even through bounded rationality provides a modified critique of "pure" rationality, this concept is grounded in male-centered assumptions that exclude alternative modes of organizing."

  • Dehumanizing Social Sciences

    Dehumanizing Social Sciences

    "Highlighting the inherent error and mindlessness of neuroscience and neurobiology without the countervailing and necessary tension of contemporary psychoanalytic theory..." --Michael A. Diamond

  • The Social Brain Hypothesis

    The Social Brain Hypothesis

    "Ingold's lecture provides background about how we think of the mind and brain as social, including a critique of what Robin Dunbar proposes: big brains to manage the information needed to live in social groups, including being able to calculate what others are doing, and making sure that social relations advance our own evolutionary ends."