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  • Work Zone!

    Work Zone!

    Our website is under construction. If you have questions or would like more information about our services please contact us: csoc@missouri.edu.

  • Re-investigating Leadership

    Re-investigating Leadership

    "...leadership per se could be said to have achieved an almost "bling-like" resonance within the business world. Indeed leaders tend to be presented – falsely – as the heroes and saviours..."

  • Emotions in the Learning Organization

    Emotions in the Learning Organization

    "Edward Hess on role of emotions in the learning organization."

  • Committed to Ineffective Strategies?

    Committed to Ineffective Strategies?

    "Organizational blind spots arise when leadership and/or operational members in organizations are unable to acknowledge unworkable strategies."

  • Late


    "Samuel hurried in and grabbed the first seat available. Having quickly sat down he slowly looked up. What was going to happen? To his relief the group leader welcomed him to the meeting as did others. "

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