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  • ‘Fantasy of Fusion’ as a Response to Trauma – Mark Stein

    ‘Fantasy of Fusion’ as a Response to Trauma – Mark Stein

    This paper questions the widely held assumption that trauma engenders feelings of helplessness and instead argues that it can lead to an over-optimistic response. Drawing on concepts from psychoanalysis, the term ‘fantasy of fusion’ is developed to encapsulate this idea.

  • Travis Kalanick’s Fall from Grace

    Padilla et al. (2007) shed light on the factors that allow for organizational situations similar to what we’ve observed at Uber. In the case of Uber, a lack of reflective leadership, a workforce comprised of at-risk “gig” workers, and a lack of meaningful checks and balances certainly all contributed to its unhealthy culture.

  • Ineffective Strategies and Organizational Blind Spots

    Ineffective Strategies and Organizational Blind Spots

    "Organizational blind spots arise when leadership and/or operational members in organizations are unable to acknowledge unworkable strategies."

  • Trust at Work: What it Means for Identity

    "What has been referred to as generalized trust has been advanced as a condition for self-identity and the absence of such trust has been found to lead to a corroded sense of self...This study advances the idea that trust may play a similar role in organizations..."

  • A Commentary on Critical Dynamics in Multiparty Collaboration

    "Prins’s article (2010) exemplifies how a systems psychodynamic orientation cancontribute to our understanding of those interorganizational phenomena known as multi-agency collaborations. It is precisely the apparent quality of the research and consultancy that makes this case study useful for purposes of heuristicand academic discussion."

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