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Overall, paper submissions should aim to answer the following question: How can we problematize and re-conceptualize good research in organization and management studies? We invite papers that explore—but are not restricted to—the following questions:

  • How do current expectations and understandings of good research affect the research process? How can these be problematized (if at all) as a means to advance qualitative inquiry and the way we publish our work?
  • How is research legitimated as good? What does this process look like and what are the power dynamics at play?
  • What are potential tensions arising from the pressure to conduct good research? How are these currently being (mis)managed in academia?
  • What propels researchers to hide their research struggles and what are the implications of academic secrets to the research process?
  • What ethical dilemmas do qualitative researchers face when trying to do good research? What is the role of corporeality and materiality in good field research? How do researchers’ bodies and material artifacts affect the research process and interactions with research participants?
  • How might the current discourse surrounding good research be re-imagined and re-constituted?

The deadline for submission is March 31, 2017. Manuscripts should be a maximum of 10,000 words in length (including tables, figures and references) and should conform to the normal submission guidelines for Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: http://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/products/journals/author_guidelines.htm?id=qrom

For further information about the SI, please contact the guest editors of the SI:

Nadia deGama – nadia.degama@anglia.ac.uk
Sara R. S. T. A. Elias – selias@uvic.ca
Amanda Peticca-Harris – amanda.peticcaharris@grenoble-em.com


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