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Submissions should advance qualitative inquiry, either theoretically or empirically, by exposing and exploring researchers’ “blind wanderings” (Van Maanen, 2011, p. 153) and the emotional baggage that they carry as they navigate the research process. As Cunliffe and Alcadipani (2016) suggest, “we need to ‘relax the taboo’” (p. 2) when we share our own emotionally- and politically-laden ‘tales from the field.’ As such, our SI attempts to problematize the process of what makes good research by promoting a new wave of reflections on traditional qualitative questions; in doing so, we hope to turn the interrogative gaze onto ourselves. We are looking for narratives that are critically reflexive of the research process; those that question, for example, our own selfish desires to be the good academic while ignoring not only ourselves, but also others—our research participants.


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