Doctoral Research Associates

Carrie M. Duncan

Mindy received the Competitive Organizational Change Fellowship from the Center for the Study of Organizational Change in 2010. Her research interests include organizational culture, psychoanalytic theory, and qualitative methodology. She provides research assistance to Dr. Michael Diamond, assists with the coordination of research projects, and supports a variety of activities for the Center as it develops into a center of excellence for research in the area of organizational change. She received her BA in Anthropology in 1997 and an MA in Anthropology 2003, both from University of Missouri in Columbia.

Student Profile

Darima Butitova

Darima is a PhD student at the Truman School of Public Affairs. She received her MA in Public Affairs from the Truman School of Public Affairs in 2011. She received a Fulbright Scholarship in 2009 to complete her studies in the United States. Her research interests are focused on organizational change, creativity, innovations, and organizational learning. She has five years of teaching experience in Political Science, Local Governance and Public Administration in Russia.

Sara Soares

Sara Soares, a PhD Candidate in the Department of Management, Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business, at the University of Missouri recently joined the CSOC team as a doctoral research associate in 2013. As an undergraduate, she pursued interests in both engineering and music. She received an MBA in 2009 and a Master of Music degree in 2006, both from Missouri State University. Sara’s research interests include creative entrepreneurial processes, entrepreneurial imagination, and arts entrepreneurship. Her primary teaching interest is in entrepreneurship, with secondary interests in organizational behavior, organizational theory, and strategic management. Her teaching has been recognized with several awards. Sara’s research focuses on the qualitative study of organizations and she has presented research in the areas of entrepreneurial creative imagination, social entrepreneurship, and Austrian economics.

Student Profile

Megan Schoor

Megan entered the Truman School doctoral program in 2011 to further her understanding of nonprofit organizations’ strategies and their relationships with other agencies. Her research interests include nonprofit management, performance measurement, policy advocacy, and organizational culture. Megan also is a graduate research assistant in the Institute of Public Policy and works on program evaluation projects for public and nonprofit agencies in Missouri. Megan received her MPA in Nonprofit Management from the University of Missouri, and her B.A. in English from Truman State University. Megan receive her PhD in Public Affairs in July of 2014.

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