Educational Opportunities

The Center for the Study of Organizational Change (CSOC) in partnership with the Truman School of Public Affairs at the University of Missouri offers educational opportunities for students interested in a psychosocial approach to organizational studies.

Introductory Courses

Investigates processes and methodologies of organizational diagnosis, intervention strategies, and the role of a change agent.

Focuses on understanding human action in administrative situations and on developing personal capacities for effective action in varied and difficult organizational situations.

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Graduate Certificate in Organizational Change

The Graduate Certificate in Organizational Change provides students with a conceptual framework for analyzing, intervening in, and changing organizations. Students gain a deeper understanding of the contemporary challenges to organizations, particularly in the public and nonprofit sectors. This certificate is designed for students who plan to, or are currently, consulting in organizations or who are functioning as change agents in their management roles.

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Online Graduate Certificate in Organizational Change

The 12-hour graduate certificate in organizational change is a graduate level, four-course series from the Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs and the Center for the Study of Organizational Change (CSOC) designed for researchers and consultants to organizations. The courses are taught by faculty from the social and behavioral sciences who have years of experience researching, writing, and consulting to public, private, and nonprofit organizations.

Courses are nine weeks in length and frequently integrate actual cases from the faculty’s experience with concepts and theories from readings and lectures. In this 100 percent online program, you will learn how theory informs the practice of psychosocial organizational assessment, diagnosis, and intervention. Additionally, you will apply critical thinking to link organization theories and interventions in unique organizational contexts.

This certificate is designed for practicing or aspiring organizational researchers, consultants and students of organizational psychology. Course work may be earned as a stand-alone credential or you may earn the certificate concurrently with the Truman School’s master of public affairs degree. Completion of the certificate does not guarantee admission to the MPA program.

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The Truman School of Public Affairs offers an interdisciplinary Doctorate in Public Affairs that prepares graduates for careers in universities, colleges, and applied research settings in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Doctoral students complete core sequences in public policy and management, research methods, and organizational analysis. At the doctoral level, students may choose to specialize in qualitative methods, participate in advanced organizational research practicum, and participate in readings courses to develop greater insight into organizational dynamics.

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CSOC Doctoral Fellowships

The Competitive Organizational Change Fellowships support doctoral students interested in the psychosocial dynamics of organizational culture, politics, structure, and processes, in public, nonprofit, and private organizations.

Seth Allcorn Endowment Fund

Organizational Research Practicum

Our cross-dimensional approach is fertile ground for organizational researchers. We promote meaningful learning by placing researchers in organizations to observe the dynamics of organizational change first hand. CSOC provides qualitative research experiences that lead to a greater understanding of organizations and organizational change. Research teams are comprised of faculty and doctoral students at the University of Missouri-Columbia campus and researchers working in related fields across the country.

Doctoral Research Associates

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