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  • Second Edition of ‘Developmental Time, Cultural Space’ Released

    Second Edition of ‘Developmental Time, Cultural Space’ Released

    "In this ground-breaking book, Developmental Time, Cultural Space, Howard Stein presents the concept of psychogeography: How the experience and perception of our bodies generates experiences and perceptions in the political and social world."

  • Negotiating Reality

    "This article has been a theoretical inquiry into the “one big happy family fantasy”—a situation that we faced when attempting conflict transformation in a natural spaces of encounter."

  • Taking Notes

    "The aim of this method is to link different levels of psychic reality, all the while keeping them separate. To this end, the notes are divided into four columns: the group associative chain, the underlying ‘basic scenarios’, internal and intertransferential reactions, and hypotheses about the observed phenomena. "

  • Unbounded Irrationality

    Unbounded Irrationality

    "The article thus argues that LTCM behaved irrationally and seeks an explanation for this by turning to the concept of narcissism, developed by psychoanalysis and its application to organizational dynamics."